Gave her life to Jesus

Relationship With Jesus – Up Out of Wheelchair!

Recently, some of us had the privilege of introducing this precious catholic lady to Jesus in a personal way for her first time. She had told us that she hadn’t ever felt that she could have a personal relationship with God, “…BECAUSE OF SO MUCH SIN!” Well, we were glad to tell her what had been done to all of that junk through Christ, and then to pray with her as she surrendered her life to God and accepted jesus. She told us that she had been involved in a lot of garbage and was waiting there int he train station to catch a ride to another city to find a relative and get some help because she wanted to make some real changes in her life. She couldn’t get over the fact that we happened to catch her right then and there. We went on to talk to her at length, here is some of that conversation just following her significant prayer. PROPS TO JESUS!

After we prayed for her and talked with her for while, she told us again that she was amazed that we had approached her. We told her that God loved her so much that He had sent us there to prove it. She replied, “Well, just sitting here and talking to you about God here in the train station is just f__n’ crazy!”

She told us that she had suffered a stroke, and lost functionality on her left side. She also told us that she had been in extreme pain earlier in the day, and unable to walk. After we prayed for her we asked her if she wanted to see if anything had changed in her condition, so she just got up out of her wheelchair. As she shuffled around she exclaimed, “My body just wants to move forward!”
She was not completely restored n the spot. We prayed several times for her and she did seem to improve some. Her pain did leave completely, and she did regain some functionality. She told us that she was determined to get herself into physical therapy when she got settled in her new home to get her health back. While we were walking around with her, she suggested that it might be a good idea if she stopped using drugs. We agreed.
An eyewitness account of Jesus when He was here reported that, “…under the power of the Holy Spirit, He went around doing good, healing all who were oppressed by the devil, because God was with Him.” We want to be just like Him. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re going for it; and we don’t need to exagerate or embelish the testamony of Jesus at all. We have the same Holy Spirit, and God’s with us too. COME ON!

Almost every time we go out we have some kind of a divine encounter with somebody. We wonder what would happen to our region, to our world, if all of the followers of Jesus represented Him well as they went about their every day lives. COME ON! ‪#‎activatelove‬ ‪#‎overcomeevilwithgood‬‪#‎Hisloveinpublic‬

Is this your year to explore new kingdom territory?

Team going out

We’re moving into our third year in a row of intentional, planned outreaches into the community of Oceanside! During that time literally hundreds of people have been touched in significant ways by God. Many have been helped in practical ways with food, water, clothing or transportation, and many have received gifts of healings in their bodies and minds. The seed of the good news has been planted in minds and hearts, and we’ve had the privilege of introducing people to Christ for the first time, seeing them reconciled to Father. In addition, scores of people who came out with us to participate have been encouraged in their christian lives and upgraded in their love.

A couple of us talking and praying with & for this tender-hearted man in the bus depot, downtown Oceanside, California.

A couple of us talking and praying with & for this tender-hearted man in the bus depot, downtown Oceanside, California.

This week on Wednesday morning we’ll be back out on the street doing kingdom with friends again, and on Saturday we’ll be down at the beach with the prayer tent. We’re so casual and laid-back in our style that some have come out with us and asked well into our time together, “When do we start?” However, our relational laid-back style creates a bridge into everyday lifestyle, and is absolutely on point with what’s been at times explosive demonstrations of the power of God as we step up and He moves.

Never know who might show up or what might happen out at the prayer tent on the Oceanside Beach just south of the pier

Never know who might show up or what might happen out at the prayer tent on the Oceanside Beach just south of the pier

Is this your year to explore new kingdom territory? Are you feeling drawn to step out in new ways? If so, hit us up for info either in a comment here or by personal message. We’d love to connect with you personally and include you in the adventure of His love in public. ‪#‎overcomeevilwithgood‪ #‎comeonJesus‬ ‪#‎Hisloveinpublic‬ ‪#‎aloveproject‬ ‪#‎timetostepout‬

“Sometimes the bigger they are, the harder they fall…”

Great big Native American dude with bad back, wincing in pain, barely able to walk? No problem to Jesus!

On the sidewalk out in front of the restaurant his pain went from a five to a zero on the pain scale, (0=no pain, 10=unbearable pain), and issues in his personal life concerning his family and other stuff were targeted & blasted with the power of Gods hope and love. “I believe in God, but I’ve never felt anything like that!” he exclaimed with tear-filled eyes after Holy Spirit rocked him. “That’s how good your Jesus is!” we told him. He walked easily away, shaking his head and swinging his arms and shoulders from side to side in joy.

Sometimes the bigger they are, the harder they fall, for Jesus!





Prayer Tent out on the beach!

Holy Spirit showed off His scheduling skills as one by one groups of people came in for prayer all day long. One guy told us, “I should be at work right now! I was working up there at the hotel and had the strongest urge to run down to the beach. When I got to the top of the stairs I saw your tent and knew why, so hear I am.” He went on to tell us about an overwhelmingly painful situation he is going through in his personal life. The Comforter Himself showed up in a big way.

Tent 1

Holy Spirit absolutely blasted this group of young people with Gods goodness, affirming detailed aspects of their personal lives and upgrading their already good relationships with God.

Holy Spirit also showed off His encouragement skills as person after person got specific personal encouragement including details about their pasts, future plans, and gifts and abilities. One guys eyebrows shot up so far on his head we thought they might come right off when Holy Spirit affirmed both his calling into ministry and exactly how long ago it happened.

Holy Spirit is making Jesus famous and joining us as in our assignment as ambassadors of reconciliation with Father. So fun!

“Free Spiritual Readings, Dream Interpretation, Healing”

Today scores and scores of people got lots more goodness and hope than they expected at this unique outreach right in the middle of a street fair in the new age/Hindu center of the county. Person after person was apprehended by the accurate goodness of God.

“I haven’t ever told anybody about that! I’ve kept that to myself, that’s been my secret!!” said one young man when Holy Spirit affirmed a personal dream and plan he had been been working on in secret. The realization that God knows him so intimately and is for him gave him a huge upgrade in his understanding of what God’s like and new reasons to develop his relationship with Him.

At least one person gave their life to Jesus!! WHOOT!!! Also, one ladies damaged knee got fixed up nicely, she took her bandage off and was able to walk around freely without pain. Props to Holy Spirit!?

For most of the day we had more people to do ministry than we had placed to accommodate them, and a nonstop stream of peeps coming in to receive. These are good challenges to have!

“What is this, the psychic network?”

“What is this, the psychic network?” the waitress in a favorite restaurant asked this morning after we shared some accurate personal information with her about her personal values and family coupled with powerful encouragement.

“No, This is just about God who loves you so much, and wants to be so much a part of your life, that He whispered some personal stuff about you to us to affirm you to let you know that He’s got your back” we answered. Then we briefly discussed her relationship with God, (which got a nice upgrade), before she had to get back to work. Props to Holy Spirit!

Take a risk in loving people!

Deliverance in the bus depot!

This beautiful woman wanted Gods touch and she got it in the bus depot in Oceanside. The love of God was powerfully expressed bringing deliverance to her without drama and a bunch of theatrical nonsense.

She looked like a different person afterward and thanked us and Jesus over and over.

Jesus is still setting people free and healing them in public today like He did when He was here physically, only now He usually uses people to do it. Come on Holy Spirit!!!
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“Some of the most remarkable encounters took place before and after the outreach event as we were going about our every-day life…”

It was one of those amazing days where everything works like it’s supposed to, so fun! If you take the love of God out in public, you’ll soon discover that things don’t always go as hoped, but yesterday wasn’t one of those days. It seemed that almost everybody we approached was open and receptive, spiritual gifts were flowing freely, and Gods transforming goodness made a visible impact on those we interacted with.

Props to Holy Spirit, the most amazing divine appointment scheduler in the universe! And props to this group of bravehearts who were willing to show up to keep those appointments!

Some of the most remarkable encounters took place before and after the outreach event as we were going about our every-day life: Earlier in the day a Trader Joes cashier was smiling-while-crying and shaking her head as she stood behind her check-stand when we got to deliver a hope-filled package to her from Holy Spirit of information specific to stuff that’s gone on in her life in the last two weeks, “Yes, that makes a lot of sense, in fact I was just thinking and wondering about that situation!” And then Holy Spirit brought part two about an area of her personal purpose, “That’s amazing, that’s true too!! Thank you so much!!!” Props to Holy Spirit!

And then later in the day a security guard at a local bank was shaking his head in unbelief when Holy Spirit affirmed his prayers for his kids through a word of knowledge, and then his eyes overflowed tears as Jesus touched him with His love when we prayed for him there on duty in the doorway of the bank.