“Her eyes widened and immediately began streaming tears…”

This young woman wept openly, softly, and continuously as we prayed for her. One of us got a word of knowledge that was just brimming full of hope for her, and went over to her and gave it to her as she sat waiting there in the Transit Station for a train. Her eyes widened and immediately began streaming tears as she told us that she had just learned that she has cancer. She said that she had come by herself from out of town to see a doctor in the area, and had been crying and praying all day since her appointment.

We prayed for her healing, and got to watch as He powerfully touched her. We have no way of knowing if she’s healed or not, but we know that she was loved, and that she knows that God has got her back. That’s how good He is!

She was very pregnant, and so open to Gods love and touch…

Yesterday, while hanging out in the Bus Depot with friends just to stir up as much heaven as possible, we got a chance to pray for and bless this soft-spoken amazing young mother. While praying for her, the baby jumped around super energetically. Another John the Baptist? When we were done with her, we went on to meet another gal who was visiting from LA. As we talked with her she agreed to allow us to pray for her but was not specific. As we did so, one of us gave her a word of encouragement about creativity and her being in the process of growing in its expression. Her eyes lit up and she answered that she was a dancer who had been trying to break into “the dance scene.” She was open to Gods love and purpose for her, and we encouraged her to let Him into her life. Then we had a long conversation with a homeless veteran who told us that he had been diagnosed with PTSD. His eyes teared up and he visibly reacted muttering something like, “We were never…” when one of us thanked him for his service and welcomed him home. Then he quickly changed the subject saying, “That was a long time ago.” We shared His love with each other after discovering that we all share the same good Father.

In Acts 10:38 we read that, “…God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Then Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.” We want to be just like Him so we try and do the same. Sometimes as we love people we do see amazing healings and even have confrontations with powers of darkness, but other times we just “go around doing good.” The pay is the same for obedience out of love.

Out of Her Wheelchair

This cool composite pic was taken and put together by our friend Rey Richardson as a souvenir of this significant encounter with Jesus. This precious but very intense lady told us that she had pain at a level 6 (from 1-10 with 10 the worst pain possible) when we met her due to 3 failed back surgeries, and then went on to complained of diabetes related nerve damage and a number of other physical issues.

As we chatted with her and prayed for her a couple of times her pain dropped from a 6 to a 2. She got up out of her wheelchair smiling with amazement and walked around easily exclaiming something like “I’m not used to being able to do this!” She went on to tell us that because of diabetic neuropathy her feet were numb, so we prayed again. As she stood there with her arms open to Him, she exclaimed, “I can feel the soles of my feet.” He restored feeling in her feet too. THAT’S OUR JESUS!!!Him and willing to step up and step out. YAY JESUS!She already had a relationship with Jesus, but today she got a major upgrade. She was also curious about our church, so of course we told her about it and invited her to join us.Jesus is still doing it today, and He’s doing it through normal every-day people that are surrendered to Jesus is still doing it today, and He’s doing it through normal every-day people that are surrendered to Him and willing to step up and step out. YAY JESUS!