Anthony got a new birthday!

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Last Wednesday the team met Anthony while they were out strolling around Oceanside. When they met him he was literally shaking being overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. As they spoke they spoke to them he told them that he had been a follower of the devil, and had of course ended tangled up in some heavy stuff. He was hungry so they set and ate with him, and while they were all eating together each team member shared their own perspective on who Jesus is and what He’s like.

So then Anthony decided that he’d rather follow Jesus than the other dude. He prayed to surrender his life to Christ and was reconciled to God. Look at that smile! Then, through a series of events, he was also reconciled to his family! COME ON JESUS!! GOOD JOB TEAM!

“So, are you the kind of Christians that are angry & mean & hate gays?”

“So, are you the kind of Christians that are angry & mean & hate gays?” a young woman suspiciously asked us after realizing that we were Christians when she came into the tent for a spiritual reading. “No we are the kinds of Christians that love people and want the best for people. We’re the kind of Christians that are just trying to be like Jesus.” we told her, and she relaxed. Then, over the next 20 minutes or so Holy Spirit so gently opened her up through some amazing words of knowledge about her in regards to things about her that we had no way of knowing, words of wisdom into some situations she was facing and decisions she was considering, and words of prophecy & hope into her purpose and destiny. She finally told us that she had been raised in a Christian home, and had never let go of those roots. She eagerly welcomed our prayers into her life, and we got to see her visibly impacted as the Prince of Peace Himself wrapped her in a blanket of the stuff.

“So do you pray or do I pray?” asked this amazing musician as he prepared to begin his relationship with the Father through Christ. He came in for a “spiritual reading”; and after Holy Spirit gave us some cool and specific personal encouragements we got into a conversation with him about having a relationship with God. And we ended up praying with him. This was one of several divine appointments we were privileged to keep this morning.

And we saw God’s healing power expressed through restored function in a gals knee, and had a great time just hanging out together. God’s love and power unpacked so well out in public today as we partnered with O.B. ONE Church on Ocean Beach. So good! #activatelove #overcomeevilwithgood #bringitoutinpublic

Nothing like doing kingdom with friends!

Kingdom Invasion in Oceanside

Our recent stroll around downtown Oceanside resulted in loneliness destroyed by His presence, hopelessness dissolved by Hope Himself, pain in a hip and a knee dismissed, nerve damage in some feet partially reversed (the dude had to run to catch his bus before we could pray a second time). Secrets of hearts were revealed in the context of encouragement, comfort, and exhortation right out in the bus depot. Some peeps got huge upgrades in their relationships with God while others that didn’t know Him got what was perhaps their first touch of His goodness.

Props to an amazing team and an even more amazing Holy Spirit partnering together to reconcile peeps to Father through Jesus!! COME ON!! ‪#‎activatelove‬ ‪#‎overcomeevilwithgood‬ ‪#‎bringit‬‪#‎ambassadorsofreconciliation‬

Both prayer tents had non-stop glory with multiple salvations, healings, and prophecy!


The other day, we had the privilege of introducing five people to their Father through Jesus for the first time, and at least one person renewed their relationship with Him. And all of that went on in the context of a non-stop flurry of scary-accurate words of knowledge, wisdom and multiple physical healings!!! KINGDOM COME!!

Jamie ministering in a Baptist church in a town outside of Ludwigslust in central Germany.

Germany Trip!

We had a great time on our recent short-term missions trip to Germany with effective ministry including transformative impartation, souls saved, saints equipped and released, and churches energized and envisioned. We made some new friendships which may turn into meaningful relationships.New doors of opportunity opened and we received several tentative invitations to return to Germany in the future. 

The trip started off in Springfield Illinois where We were received with open arms by a dear friend and mentor Tom Griner. There we spoke and ministered at a Sunday morning meeting at Forerunner Church/House Of Prayer there, and the fun began. The Pastor Scott Beuchamp welcomed us graciously, and the people were wide open and already motivated to take the Good News outside of the four walls of their church in both word and action. As we ministered, Holy Spirit seemed to pile more firewood on the fame of motivation among them. The entire church responded by volunteering to be empowered to represent Him well. We look forward to the possibility of returning there to do a full Activate Love workshop in the future.

Then we traveled down to Springfield Missouri where we had been invited to minister by some dear young friends there, Jarred and Natasha Burgess. They are in the process of starting up a House Of Prayer there along with a large group of 20 & 30 somethings that are burning with passion for Jesus and for the lost. We felt right at home as we worshipped in the round, and then shared on the topic of sustaining a lifestyle of love. Prophetic ministry exploded afterward going both ways as we encouraged them and they in turn encouraged us. Such a great connection. Such a privilege to co-labor with Holy Spirit who seems to be energizing and overflowing in new ways everywhere!

Then we went to Germany where we ministered at a church in the city of Ludwigslust that is led by a former Lutheran pastor Gerhard Lewerenz. He got baptized by Holy Spirit some years back and started rocking the Lutheran “boat” with signs and wonders so drastically he was ejected from the denomination. Now he leads an independent church there that is reaching refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and Iran in an amazing way while still also ministering to a German congregation. He is partnering with several German government agencies to meet their practical needs in an environment of encouragement and safety, and the kingdom of God is exploding there. Two muslims made public commitments to Jesus just in the context of our meetings with them, and we ministered to many more who were very new Christians. By committing their lives to Christ, those precious people who have already lost their country usually loose their families too, and even put their lives at risk. In one meeting there were between 40 – 50 refugees from many countries along with more Germans. We ministered through interpreters into both German and Farsi, and saw Holy Spirit move in power! There were several significant physical hearings, and a number of people reported profound healing in their minds and souls. They also asked about the possibility of having us back to do a full Activate Love conference.We also ministered in two different Baptist churches outside of Ludwigslust that were open and responsive to Holy Spirit’s move.

Next we traveled to the northern edge of Germany to the city of Stralsund on the shore of the Baltic Sea. This is deep within what was at one time East Germany, part of the now defunct U.S.S.R. The culture there is different. In some ways people are more reserved, and in some ways more open and passionate. We poured into a group of leaders there who are beginning to explore expressions of church that will effectively reach the young people there who are largely unchurched and hostile to religion in general. It was an exciting opportunity. We felt as if we were getting in on the ground level of a new move of God in Northern Germany, where the only firmly established churches are the very formal Lutheran church, and some much smaller almost completely isolated Baptist and Pentecostal churches that are also very religious in style and approach to God. The bunch we were relating to has already transitioned into a very contemporary and expressive worship style. Their main worship team is all teenagers with the exception of its leader who is a passionate older man. In one meeting the entire group responded to an invitation for activation in prophetic ministry, and glory broke out all around the room. They were very responsive to our message and ministry, almost frothing at the mouth to get out into public with the power of God’s love. We discussed the possibility of returning there with a group of young people from our region here in San Diego to do an Activate Love conference, and allow for cross-pollination.

Our final stop was in a town outside of Straulsund to minister at what we had been told was going to be a very small house church. Instead, we found ourselves at a rented room that was overflowing with passionate, burning followers of Jesus. Again, they expressed interest in having us come again and do more in-depth training and activation to take God’s love out into their culture, and during the ministry time were explosive in His power. Some of the people there we had already met in the earlier meetings in Straulsund, and we were overjoyed at the chance to more fully develop those relationships.

The trip was not only profound in its impact of those we visited, it was also very redemptive to us personally. This is just one more thing that our good, good God has restored to us that the enemy had robbed. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for his goodness and the generosity of those that supported us.

Presented by Jesus followers from at least 6 different churches and tribes, it was a three ring circus of glory! Prayer tent, prophetic art interactive, and Spiritual Reading tent!

Three Ring Circus of Glory!

Jesus followers from at least 6 different churches and tribes got together for this three ring circus of glory: Prayer tent, prophetic art interactive area, and Spiritual Reading tent!

Scores of people encountered the power of God’s love. Some were upgraded in their relationships with Him or their understanding of His goodness, others were healed in both body and soul, many received personal encouragement, one was so overwhelmed by the power of His love that they collapsed down on the beach, and several gave their lives to Christ and received Him for the first time.

There’s nothing like doing kingdom with friends! ‪#‎activatelove‬‪#‎overcomeevilwithgood‬ ‪#‎justbetherevivalyourself‬‪#‎WerenotwaitingforHimHeswaitingforus‬

Becky w Michelle in car2

Chronic pain CRUSHED out in public!

Recently we had some amazing encounters with people in downtown Oceanside. One lady we met received healing from Jesus as she sat in her van from long-time chronic pain from fibromyalgia & arthritis. Then when she got out and discovered how good she felt, she came back for another dose of Holy Spirit that almost knocked her down in the street. She staggered back into her van & as she stood there leaning against it her eyes closed she began to say, “I see Jesus! I see Jesus! He’s got a crown for me!!” WAY TO GO JESUS!!!

We took some additional time to talk to her and encourage her and then took her immediately over to pray for another guy that was also very needy. She commented, “Maybe I’ve got something special inside of me too?!” We assured her that the same Jesus that’s in us is also inside of her, and that He’s very special indeed, and makes her special too.

We meet together for a while each week to pray & talk & then just go out fora couple of hours in small teams and walk around together intentionally looking for opportunities to raise heaven. So fun! So normal! So good! #activatelove #overcomeevilwithgood #legitlovemustbeexpressed #lovelookslikesomething

“He followed through with the Doctor and received medical verification that the lump that had been there had just disappeared! COME ON JESUS!!”

A little over a week ago we called our tax guy in Las Vegas to see about sending him our stuff to process. He told us to hold off. He said that he had been to see his Dr about a large golf ball sized lump that had been growing in his esophagus for the last several months just below where his neck attaches to his chest. It was starting to interfere wth his swallowing and he could feel it at all times. His Dr had scheduled him for an exploratory medical procedure to check it out. He was sure that they we’re going have to remove it, and was very concerned that it was going to interfere with his ability to do his job during tax season.

Even though we had never even mentioned God to him before, we offered to pray for him, and he agreed so we did so over the phone. He thanked us and told us to call him after his procedure the end of last week to see if he’d even be doing taxes this year.

We called him this morning and he was bubbling over the phone with joy! He told us that he woke up the day after we prayed and discovered that the lump had disappeared sometime during the night! He followed through with the Doctor and received medical verification that the lump that had been there had just disappeared! COME ON JESUS!!

We went on to have a long conversation about Jesus. and discovered that our tax guy, with whom we’d had a long friendly business relationship with is also our brother in Christ.

Jesus got her!

After Jesus touched her she told us that ALL of the pain was gone from her knee…

We met this transit worker just the other day. She told us that she was going to have to have surgery on her knee, but was willing for us to pray for her. We did so. After Jesus touched her she told us that ALL of the pain was gone from her knee, and stood on it, flexing it and bending it without hinderance. COME ON JESUS!

Then as we continued to chat with her, she told us that she had once had a close relationship with Him, but had “backslidden” and was wanting to re-connect with God. We encouraged that idea. Holy Spirit gave us some insight and the ability to affirm some of her gifts and talents and speak hope to some specific situations in her family. She thanked us over and over for taking the time to connect with her, and then went on to lay out some changes she now planned to make in her lifestyle. His kindness leads us to repentance!

That’s our Jesus, still going after it today; only now we get to go after it with Him! ‪#‎overcomeevi