Glory In The Streets!

We saw Isaiah 61 demonstrated Out In Public in the streets of Encinitas! There was good news for the poor, mending for the broken-hearted, healing for the bruised, freedom for captives, and release for prisoners of different kinds of stuff. We experienced the Lord’s favor, and saw vengeance taken on the enemy.

We had a non-stop string of encounters with people that included some eye-popping words of knowledge and encouragement and two cool physical healings. Check out each pic, they have their own captions.

This nanny told us about her “Channeler” who told her about her sickness. We demonstrated ours, Jesus, who took her symptoms away! Come on Jesus!!

We started with a nanny who was sick, and then told us about her “Channeler” who told her about her sickness. We demonstrated ours, Jesus, who took her symptoms away! Come on Jesus!!

This woman who could hardly walk got a nice slice of the gospel when her pain went from a “10′ to a “1” and she nearly skipped away commenting something like, “I should go dancing!” ??

One lady that could hardly walk told us her pain went from a “10” before we prayed to a “1” afterward. As she almost skipped off she commented “I’ll have to go dancing!.” Another woman with a brace on her wrist told us that ALL of her pain left, from a “10 to “0”. Jesus got all the credit, and they both got an upgrade in their understanding of who He is!

This lady, (screened from view) had a wrist brace on and was struggling to carry many bags of provisions to her vehicle. One of us helped her carry her bags, then along with Jesus we ganged up on her and saw hwr pain go form a “10” to a “0”. No pain at all! COME ON JESUS!

Then, a young man got specific encouragement into his situation and circumstances including details about his family and events in his recent past including getting unentangled from some stuff. Then Holy Spirit topped it all off with some words of hope into the very things he is trying to achieve. He said something like, “I can’t believe this!” as he blinked back tears behind his sunglasses. Come on Holy Spirit!

Some of us approached these men living on the streets and were politely rebuffed. But minutes later another bunch of us easily engaged them in a deep conversation that went on for some time. So good to do kingdom with friends!

Then we went and got some amazing tacos! And while we were there we got to prophesy and pray into God’s plan for the manager of the Taco Stand, who was wide open to the good news! He’s the third employee there that’s been clobbered by the power of God’s goodness in the last 4 weeks. So good!!! #activatelove #kingdomwithfriends #gospelmeansgoodnews #thenewsisgood #overcomeevilwithgood #normalchristianity #bringit #outinpublic

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