We frequently have the opportunity to pray for people in public. This broken young man wept and cried out for God’s help!

Activate Love is about developing a Christ-like lifestyle throughout all of our everyday lives. We look for as many ways to experience God’s love for ourselves and express it in all of its power as possible, both naturally and supernaturally. As we love one another and as Holy Spirit determines, many will be touched and experience His tangible presence. Some will receive gifts of healings and some will receive a personal encouragement from God or even be introduced to Him personally for the first time, while others will be loved in more objective ways.

We have a high value for relationship with those that we meet. We look for opportunities to build relational bridges both with those we meet individually and also as we relate to other churches and tribes. As we partner with each other and Holy Spirit to let “…His kingdom come and His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” we see our families, churches, communities, and region enriched.

God’s love comes in many shapes. Sometimes it’s packaged in a kind word or a sandwich for someone who’s hungry. Sometimes it looks like a physical or emotional or spiritual healing. Other times we see His love expressed through a word of knowledge or wisdom that opens people right up to His purpose and touch. No matter how it’s wrapped, His love brings life and hope and frequently transformation.

Jamie Weston is a passionate follower of Christ who is committed to a lifestyle of love.  He ministers with a strong prophetic anointing to equip and release others to love others like Jesus did.  Jamie’s passion is to see all believers fully activated in all of the power of God’s love in everyday life.  He equips in personal mentoring settings as well as conferences, workshops, retreats, small groups and churches, both nationally and internationally.

If you’re interested in having Jamie minister at your church or event, please contact us on the form below, and we will be in touch with you soon!

Jamie is the founder of Activate Love. He can be found with friends bringing the love of God out in the streets, on the beaches, and especially the restaurants of San Diego county regularly, (he loves good food!). He is committed to and participates in the local church, and lives in Vista California with his wife Colette and their dog.

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