“IS THIS A HOAX?!” the guy demanded to know after we showed him the description describing both his hat and his damaged neck that we had earlier written in our phone that Holy Spirit had given us. He was incredulous and initially skeptical. As we talked to him he opened up and showed us the scars on both sides of his throat where he told us he had been stabbed completely through his neck with a long screwdriver some years back. He told us that he had been initially paralyzed but that through hard work and a long hospitalization he had regained his mobility. He also told us that he was in constant pain. Of course Jesus took all of his pain away as we prayed for him, and touched him deeply. He had to run to catch a ride before we could walk to him much more but he left shaking his head at God’s goodness. COME ON JESUS!!

Holy Spirit was releasing hope and encouragement and truth like a broken fire hydrant. Everybody got a good soaking!

Then right after that we turned to find another guy sitting near us been watching us closely and with an open eager expression on his face, so we asked him if he wanted prayer too. He eagerly said “Yes” and took our offered hands. As we begin to pray for him he bowed his head and tears began to squirt out of his tightly shut eyes and run down his cheeks. Holy Spirit gave us some detailed targeted prayers and he was visibly shook as God touched him with His power. When we were done praying he thanked us profusely and told us that although he had once been close to God he had walked away and given up. We talked to him for while and then asked him if he wanted to surrender his life to Jesus again right then and there and he again eagerly agreed. So we led him in a very simple prayer of surrender, and weeping openly he prayed right out loud there in the bus depot and recommitted himself to Christ. Such a privilege!

This big bunch of peeps were wide open to the good news and hunger for God’s touch!

We went on to keep a couple more divine appointments before wrapping up for the day as a group. The fact that a couple of the “words” we tried out weren’t completely accurate did nothing to hinder God’s purpose. It mattered far more to us than to them. We are motivated by love and not afraid to take a risk, and the peeps we connect with knew that they had been loved by us and touched by God. PROPS TO JESUS!! #activatelove #ambassadorsofreconciliation #kingdomcome #bringit #colaboring #kingdomwithfriends

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