Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens Invaded!

That time you go to the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens, and talk to Mormon missionaries about Jesus…Yup, that happened today! And like most people, they were pleasantly baffled when Holy Spirit began to target some personal stuff with God’s purpose and affirmation through some words of knowledge. COME ON HOLY SPIRIT!!



We had encounters with many people there in the garden, wide open to the good news we carry. One lady we spoke to just as we were leaving burst into tears and sobbed and wept as Holy Spirit targeted a very personal issue with Hope and Love and we prayed for her. She nodded eagerly as we explained how much Jesus loves her and wants to be part of her life. She thanked us repeatedly, hugged us, and then went in to exchange phone numbers with one of us for follow up.

And we found a wad of cash. On the ground. In the garden. Treasure just waiting there to be valued. Just like the people we met there.



People in these settings are so open to God and so hungry for truth. Any one of us can unpack the good news to them effectively, if we are willing to orient ourselves in Love, take the time, spend the energy, and step into risk. And He is with us as we go! Why wouldn’t we do this? Why wouldn’t we try? #activatelove #goodnewscarriers #overcomeevilwithgood#lightinthedarkness #besaltandlight #kingdomwithfriends

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