When you’re wrong you can still be right!

Yesterday I went to do some banking relating to the ministry trip I’ve been putting together to Germany the first part of next month. The counter was full so bank manager came and offered to help me at her desk. She was so nice! We casually chatted and I mentioned our upcoming trip. She seemed guardedly interested what we were doing asking a polite question or two, but was appropriately professional and we just finished our business.

As I turned to leave, as is my habit, I leaned into Love and asked Holy Spirit if He was doing anything with her or wanted to. I got a vague impression as I reached the door, so I paused and prayed a bit to see if anything would come together clearly. An idea or two seemed to kind of come together so I went back to her desk and said something like, “Excuse me, but as I had an impression about you, and it was so strong I thought I’d come back and share it with you if I can just have another minute or two of your time.”

She nodded and smiled. I shared what I had been sensing; and then gave her the message from God of hope that went with it, and asked her if the things I had said were meaningful to her or accurate.

Still smiling, she answered warmly saying something like, “Well yes, this happened, but that didn’t. But I sure like that hope part.” She went on nodding, “Actually, I have been getting closer to God lately. I think I’ll take that hope for myself!” I agreed that she should do so, blessed her, and left.

Translating God to the world is not an exact science; we don’t always get it right. But if we’re motivated by and expressing love, even when we’re not completely accurate God will still accomplish his purpose, AND we get the added benefit of a good dose of humility if we process the situation properly. So good! Jesus didn’t command us to give our neighbors impressive prophetic words, he commanded us to love our neighbor. And, if we learn to cultivate an awareness of the divine appointments all around us, all of life becomes an adventure. #activatelove #lovewins #risk #goforit#bringit #loveyourneighborasyourself #loveoneanother

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